present futures x women’s art library: open call

May 1-June 1, 2019

Present Futures encourages you to submit to our open call, looking for ephemera (i.e. catalogues, press releases, posters, postcards, newspaper clippings etc.) related to arts and community organizing from 1992 to the present. We are looking specifically for ephemera related to works/exhibitions/events and voices of and about women of color working within Britain.

The materials we receive will eventually be housed in the archive as well as potentially being shown as part of the larger project we are working toward, which pivots around the notion of disobedience as an embodied resistant strategy to imperialist structures.

Present Futures work in WAL follows in the footsteps of the incredible work set in motion by Women of Colour Index in the 1980s, revived in 2012 by X Marks the Spot who produced a creative finding aid for the index and revived again through the hard work that the WOCI reading group have been doing since 2016.

Rita Keegan stopped adding to the Index in 1992. We want to know from you, our networks, about the women you know of whose work should be an accessible source for the present moment and the future of cultural production.

Get in touch with us at by June 1 for instructions on how to get your materials to us.


Organized by Teal Baskerville, Kathy Cho, and Lorén Elhili

Present Futures x Women’s Art Library

Goldsmiths, University of London, Women’s Art Library